About Us

Columbus Dress is a wedding dress company integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The company operates with the personality of "fashion, nobility and elegance", and uses the operating philosophy of saving money, caring, individuality and customization to meet the needs of the new era. Wedding dresses are trendy and fashionable. Columbus Dress regards each wedding dress as a work of art, fashionable product style, distinguished service attitude, and unique business philosophy, so that each Columbus Dress bride will become a shining focus on the wedding day and feel the beautiful moments in her life.

We understand the beauty of brides, so we work harder:

The reasons for choosing us for wedding customization:

①Exclusive customization: The tailor-made service provided by Columbus Dress can create a wedding dress that matches your temperament according to your personality.

②Product craftsmanship: All hand-sewn, full lining, hand beading and other sophisticated workmanship originate from the skilled craftsmanship of tailors to ensure good quality.

③Selected fabrics: Fabrics are one of the important means of expressing emotions in wedding dresses. Pay attention to the quality of fabrics and the comfort of wearing, just to present the beauty and romance that make people forget to breathe.

④ Favorable price: As a factory experience store, it saves the need for channel dealers and other links. The price of styles with the same workmanship quality is 50% lower than that of specialty stores.

⑤Short customization cycle: 30 days for daily orders, 20 days for urgent orders, 20% faster than the same industry